Tributes and Recollections

24 June 2015

I am currently writing the first biography of Elizabeth Jennings. If you are a reader of her poetry or someone who knew Jennings, please be in touch with any detail you can provide. Many thanks.

Dana Greene
Dean emerita
Oxford College of Emory University

3 June 2013

I wrote an essay about my depression and how Jennings poetry regarding her mental sufferings helped me through. Sort of. It is a strange essay indeed, but I admire the Project and wanted to share it with you.

With much respect,

John Barrios, Contributing Editor
Web: Nailed Magazine

7 March 2013

I am a research student from India.

My research area is 20th century movement poetry with special emphasis on Elizabeth Jennings.



29 January 2013

Dear Dr. Dowson

Many many congratulations on the admirable Elizabeth Jennings website. A model of its type.

One trivial observation, and one question.

I'm cataloguing an interesting collection of books, in which are two books inscribed by Jennings to John Gielgud "in admiration and gratitude in 1992 and 1994." The admiration is one thing, but I wonder what the gratitude might have referred to? It seems they had a long friendship, but I can't work out on what it was based, or how it began.

With thanks and best wishes

Ed Maggs

25 September 2102

Patrick Larley

Dear Dr. Dowson,

I am a composer of choral music and wish to set the poem "A Child in the Night" by Elizabeth Jennings.

Best wishes

Patrick Larley

13 November, 2011

Dear Dr Dowson

I have recently stumbled upon your fascinating site re Elizabeth Jennings and wondered if you might be able to help me. I am working on a book about women writers linked with Devon and keep an occasional blog on the subject, Scrapblog; a Writer from the South-West I noted that in 1989 Jennings stayed in Devon for 10 days, with Leila Tomlinson, and wondered if you might know any more about her stay in the county, or whether she spent any more time in the area.

Yours sincerely

Julie Sampson (Dr)

4 November 2011


I am wondering if you could tell me if the often quote of Elizabeth " . . . a half  stiched scar . . . " comes from an actual poem?

Many thanks

Jon Crossley

My interest apart from Poetry comes from my work in training Cruse Bereavement Volunteers

Jane Dowson replies:

Thanks to Emma Mason for supplying the reference and poem:

'Words About Grief' (text below).

Very best,


Words about Grief

Grief can return without a warning. It's
Seldom cemeteries
Or news of other deaths that my grief fits
But places of great beauty where I was,

However briefly, happy with the one
I loved who died. I know
Many feel happier when again they've gone
To such a place with grief. One thing I do

Know is that after years grief brings a pang
As terrible almost
As that first rending. Death, where love's been strong,
Can always make you feel entirely lost

Or so it does with me. Time does not heal,
It makes a half-stitched scar
That can be broken and again you feel
Grief as total as in its first hour.

20 September, 2011

Dear Dr Dowson,

Let me introduce myself.

I'm the Librarian of a little village located on the Italian Riviera, the name of the village is Sestri Levante.

Some administrators of the Town are planning to dedicate an event to artists who have described in words, music or images our city: Elizabeth Jennings seems to have stayed in Sestri Levante for a little while. Unfortunatly in Italy no one ever published a biografy about her. I found on the web, your site with some information about the life and the literary career of "our" Elizabeth and it was really useful for me.

Kind regards
Laura Bregante
Sistema Bibliotecario Urbano del Comune di Sestri Levante

Catalogo on line del Sistema Bibliotecario Urbano:
Novità librarie su Anobii:

24 August, 2011

Dear Dr Jane Dowson

Like you, I love Elizabeth Jennings poetry. I have translated some of her poems into Farsi. I needed her bio and I found your precious works via the internet.

As one of her earnest fans, I only want to appreciate your efforts.